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In this article, I’ll be exploring a tool offered by Google that you can use to market your company. This tool is Google My Business. It functions as a social media service, mapping service, and search citation service for your business. If you want to increase your web presence, you should definitely consider registering.

Google My Business was created as a one stop shop for registering your business with Google Maps, Google Plus, and Google Search. In the past, you would have had to go to separate Google service pages and sign your company up for these individual services. Now you only have to sign up for one service.
So why should my company be on Google My Business?
Google is the largest search engine in the world. This most likely means that a large percentage of your clients are using or have used Google to find something on the web. Google My Business will give your company a better chance at accessing these potential clients when they search for your service using the Google platform. By using this service you’re telling Google where your company’s located and exactly what services you provide. This is very important when it comes to local search and local SEO optimization. A part of what determines what local search results get displayed to a user is the location and relevance of a search result to its search inquiry. For example, if a user searches for “estate liquidator,” Google will match the search term with local businesses, based on the user’s location. Google will return a list of estate liquidators who are located near that user’s area in the local search section of the search results page. You’ll want to try your hardest to be on this list, as it provides a great opportunity for your company to grab the attention of potential clients and attract them to your services.

What if I am a service business without a physical location?
In the past, it was tricky for a service business without a physical address to register with Google Maps. Today, Google has remedied this by allowing businesses to pick their service area and bypass showing their address to the public. This is great for companies without brick and mortar facilities that don’t want to display their home addresses, or that only have PO Boxes.
What type of business should I register as?
Google doesn't offer a way to register your company under the title “Estate Sale Company.” The current Google term used for classification is “Estate Liquidator.” You’ll want to look at the many different business classifications to find one that best fits your company and the services you provide to your clients.

To sign up for Google My Business click here!

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By Matthew Ellison

Marketing Guy at EstateSales.NET


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