Instagram Professional Account Checklist

Social media presence is a crucial piece of the marketing mix for your estate sale company. Each of your business's social profiles should be professional (business) accounts and fully functioning with the proper information displayed. Follow this checklist to ensure your Instagram profile is up to par. 

Hint: Instagram is best utilized on a mobile device. 

  1. Account is a Professional profile

    Professional profiles on Instagram will give you access to extra features like contact information, analytics (Instagram Insights), and Instagram Ads.

    If you are unsure if you have a personal profile or a professional profile, check your profile for a contact button. Don't see the contact button? Here's how your company's profile can switch to a professional account (without making a new account):

    1. Log in to your Instagram account
    2. Tap "Edit Profile"
    3. Scroll to find "Switch to Professional Profile"

    4. Instagram will prompt you to connect to a Facebook page (you must have Admin access to the Facebook page).
    5. Choose the correct category for your business. You will most likely be a local service or local business. 
  2. Profile picture is your logo and is in a circle format

    As mentioned in the Facebook Business page checklist, your profile picture should be your company's logo and should be in a circle format. If your logo is cut off in your profile photo, contact the designer who made the logo and ask for it in a circle format. 
  3. Facebook Business page is connected

    If your Facebook page isn't connected, you don't have a professional profile. Go back to number 1 and switch to a Professional profile. 
  4. Profile info is complete

    Name: This should be the name of your company.

    Username: Ideally, your username should match your username on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social platforms your company uses. It should also be the name of your business. There is a character limit. If your company name is more than 30 characters, consider shortening part of your company's name in the username. 

    Website: You can leave this field blank if you don't have a website. Or you can link to your company page on EstateSales.NET. Check that the link works periodically.

    Bio: The company bio has a limit of 150 characters. This should be a short sentence or two about what your company does. You should definitely mention that you host estate sales (or auctions), especially if the phrase "estate sales" isn't in your company name. You want new followers to look at your profile and know what your company does. 

    This is a great space to share a branded hashtag with your followers. If your company name is Betty's Great Estate Sales, you could use the branded hashtag #BettysGreatEstateSales. Use your branded hashtag in every post you publish. 

    Category: You already set up your professional account, but double-check your business is in the correct category. Local service or local business is more than likely the best choice for your business.

    Contact options: This is where you can enter your contact number and contact email. You can display or hide your phone number and/or email. I recommend displaying both if you have both. You do not have to provide a physical address if you do not have a physical store or permanent location.

    Profile display: If you don't want your contact information or business category displayed, you can opt-out here. 

Now you're in business! It's time to publish your first captivating photo of those amazing estate sale finds I know you come across at each and every client's home. Start sharing your Instagram-worthy photos with your followers and hashtag it up! #instagood

P.S. Add this checklist to your quarterly to-dos to be sure your profile is always up-to-date. 

By Erica Hendrix

Marketing Gal at EstateSales.NET