Six Content Ideas For Facebook


Today we want to share with you six content ideas for Facebook.

1. Share your sale listings 

To begin, share your sale listings with your Facebook followers. This is easy, and all you have to do is copy and paste your sale listing URL into Facebook. Facebook will automatically pull in your sale details like the heading, description, and several sale photos. In the text part of the post, try inviting your customers to the sale, and/or telling them about something unique or interesting about it.

2. Highlight sought after items 

What’s trending in your area? Is it mid century modern? Farmhouse chic? Pyrex, maybe? Upload photos of the popular pieces that will be available at your next sale. These posts can also be turned into targeted ads within Facebook that will be shown to individuals with these specific interests.

3. Highlight unique and interesting items 

You find interesting items at your sales all the time. Talk about what makes that table unique or that vase valuable, and let your followers know it will be in your upcoming sale. Historical information and context goes a long way to bring life to the items. If your sale features a vintage radio, for example, ask "Who remembers listening to War of the Worlds on one of these?" or "What was your favorite radio station?" Let the sale itself help you find content—there are treasures at every sale. 

4. Share industry related content 

There are all kinds of people writing articles about the industry that could be of interest to your customers. For example, you could share an article from the EstateSales.NET blog or other estate sale blogs. Just make sure the source is of high quality and that you are directing your customers to a safe website you trust.

5. Introduce your staff 

Introduce your staff to your customers. Highlight their specialties and/or their areas of expertise.

6. Behind the scenes

Develop your brand's voice and personality by sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos of you and your team in action during the sale prep. Give sneak peeks of items that will be available as you find them. Talk about the historical significance of the items. Your followers will enjoy getting to see what will be available at the sale before it is ever on an advertising site. It will also show off your hard work and give your customers a chance to see what it takes to conduct an estate sale.

This is just a small list to get you started posting content on Facebook,or other social media platform for that matter. The main thing to remember is that social media was designed as a place for individuals to have social interactions. You want to create and publish valuable content.