What to Post on Instagram: 8 Content Ideas for Your Company

Instagram posts should not only promote your company, but encourage engagement and spark conversations with followers. Separate your company from others by spicing up your content routine with the ideas listed below.

1. Highlight trending items

As an estate sale company, you regularly have great content right at your fingertips. Estate sale finds will always be a perfect piece of content to share with your followers to encourage them to visit your upcoming sales.


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Take the time to stage a few photos as you prepare for each sale. This extra step will go a long way in engaging with followers and gaining new ones.


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2. Sneak peeks

Tease your followers with sneak peeks of collections and entice them to visit your sale and see what else lies within. For example, let’s say there’s a huge jadeite collection in the upcoming estate sale your company is hosting. Pull a few of the pieces out with the remaining collection in the background to take your photo. Leave your followers wanting more by sharing bits and pieces of highly sought after items.


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3. Behind the scenes

Share uncovered finds while preparing for sales to get your followers excited for the upcoming sale. You could also share behind the scenes moments with your crew to help your followers get to know you and your team better.

4. DIY/Transformation

Some people aren’t able to see the beauty behind vintage pieces of furniture and accessories. Show the transformation an old piece of brown furniture, picture frames, fabric scraps, etc. can make with a photo or video in your feed. If you share someone else's work, be sure to ask their permission and to give them all the credit by tagging their account in the photo and description. This is a great way to inspire followers to shop secondhand and make things their own.


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5. Before and after photos

Think of your social channels as a resume for potential clients and new customers. Before, during, and after photos are an excellent way to show how you conduct sales and what sets you apart from competitors.

6. Estate sale finds from customers

Ask your customers to share photos of their estate sale finds on Instagram and tag you in the photo. Then share those posts with your followers. It’s a fun way to show customer appreciation and for your followers to gain inspiration for how they can utilize estate sale finds.

7. Vintage photos

Decades old photo albums are probably found at a large number of estate sales. Build a stash of interesting vintage photos to share with your followers.


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8. Daily hashtags

A daily hashtag is a hashtag referring to a specific day of the week. For example: #ThrowbackThursday is a hashtag used on Thursday’s and the photo generally references something in the past. A few other hashtags you could use are: #VintageTowelTuesday #MidCenturyMonday #MotivationMonday #FlashbackFriday #WayBackWednesday #TransformationTuesday (great for before and after photos!).


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There are tons of other hashtags relevant to the estate sale industry your company could utilize like #TheRetroRoulette, #VintageTableCloths, #VintageClothing, #EstateSaleFinds, and on and on. Hashtags are a great way to start a conversation with your followers. Use them to your advantage! 


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Bonus Tip! Instagram Stories:

Share videos walking through your sale in your Instagram Stories. Pick up popular items and show them off. Go through vintage clothing pieces in the closets and give your followers details about sizing, brand, pricing, etc. One account that does a beautiful job with this is @vtestatesales in Oceanside, CA. I'm nowhere near California, but I love watching their stories to see what's going on inside their sales. They give prices and details you won't always find in their feed and sale ads, which offers their followers incentive to keep up with their Insta Stories. Remind your followers that they can find more details and exclusive behind the scenes pics and videos when you post to your feed or on other social channels! If you're unsure how to share to your Instagram story, message me on Instagram @estatesalesnet. I'm happy to walk you through it!

Each of the above ideas are sure to garner interaction with your followers. Remember to use your description to tell the story behind the photo or video shared. Hashtags should always be used to supplement your posts and to help you gain new followers. I always recommend following other estate sale companies and successful brands for inspiration. Dedicating a few minutes three or more times a week to share content with your followers will help increase engagement and build trust with your followers.

By Erica Hendrix

Marketing Gal at EstateSales.NET