Company and Sale Listing Policies on EstateSales.NET

Most sales that get posted by estate sale companies on our site are perfect for the site. EstateSales.NET is all about sales that help the individual or family liquidate a large portion of their possessions in a timely manner. Having the correct types of sales on the site helps everyone. It keeps EstateSales.NET a great site to advertise on as well as visit.

With that in mind, here are issues that we try to avoid or keep in mind when advertising companies and/or sales:

  • Companies should not list consignment sales. Our site is really about a family or individual needing to liquidate the majority of their possessions in a timely manner. Selling a few things and combining them together with others that are selling a few things doesn't meet the criteria of "a majority of their possessions."
  • Companies should not list sales for other companies or individuals. The company or individual with the contract to do the sale is the company that should be listing the sale on EstateSales.NET.
  • Companies should not consistently list sales that are more than 150 miles away from their home area. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. For example, hosting a sale that is 300 miles away once or twice in a year likely isn't going to be a problem. We probably wouldn't make an exception if sales are consistently far away from the company's home area unless it is a very sparsely populated area.
  • Sales that occur at the same location each week should be completely different sales. For example, some estate sale companies move their sales to a retail location and hold the sale like a normal estate sale. This is fine as long as 80% or more of the items were not at a previous sale. In other words, don't list a store on the site and don't list the same sale over and over.
  • Sales listed by companies on EstateSales.NET should be for a client that doesn't repeat over and over. In other words, they should be for a client that is having an estate liquidation. They should not be for the same client over and over that is acquiring inventory for future sales.
  • The same sale cannot be listed by multiple companies or individuals. For example, if two companies are working together to run a big sale, only one of the companies can list the sale on EstateSales.NET.
  • There cannot be multiple listings for a sale at a single address at the same time. For example, a sale that lists all the furniture and household items cannot be listed in conjunction with another sale at the same address that lists all the tools and garage items. Those should be listed as one sale even if the time of day is slightly different for different parts of the sale. (This applies to online sales as well.)
  • Online sales should be listed where the items are. In other words, the sale should not be listed in a random zip code. They should be listed in the zip code where the items are when creating the listing on EstateSales.NET (or where pickup will occur if that is different)
  • Stock photos should not be uploaded to sale listings.
  • Sales should not link to other estate sale advertising platform websites.
  • Photos that the company or individual do not own the copyright to should not be uploaded to sale listings.
  • Companies should not share leads with other companies that are not a member of EstateSales.NET.