Sale Types on EstateSales.NET

We often get asked what is allowed and what is not allowed on EstateSales.NET (as far as sale types go). Basically, we allow estate liquidations on our site. Some ask why we allow auctions when the name of our site is "EstateSales.NET." We've always allowed auctions because we want our site to be about any and all estate liquidations.

We've come up with a list that may help describe what we think should be allowed on the site and those that are not allowed on the site. If you have any questions at all regarding your sale and how it fits in, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Sales We Love To See

  1. An estate or tag sale held inside a private home
  2. An estate or tag sale that has been moved to an offsite location because the sale CANNOT be held at the estate location (gated community, etc) (sale cannot be listed multiple times for the same estate contents)
  3. An auction held for an estate AT the estate location
  4. An auction held at a common location that contains different items from the previous auction (at least 80% of the items are different)
  5. An online only sale or auction for the purpose of liquidating an estate
  6. A moving/downsizing/divorce sale held inside a private home (we consider this to just be a small estate sale usually where not all of the items are for sale)
  7. A business liquidation sale held inside a business that is closing within the next 30 days a maximum of two times
  8. Sales held outdoors are permissible if it is being held for the purpose of liquidating the majority of the possessions of an estate
  9. Collection sales of a single item type are allowed as long as they are from one estate and contain more than 20 items (ex: an art collection)
  10. Buyouts / Cleanouts. An Estate Buyout occurs when an estate sale company buys the personal property of an estate for one fixed price which has been negotiated between the estate owner or executor and the estate sale company.
  11. Demolition Sales (majority of items in house / facility are being removed)

Sales That Shouldn't Be Listed

  1. Garage sales or yard sales
  2. Flea Market Sales
  3. Sales that have been listed before and have many of the same items that were listed previously
  4. Antique mall, second-hand, consignment, inventory reduction, business relocation, and other store types of sales
  5. Dealer and Vendor Sales
  6. Rummage Sales
  7. Charity Sales
  8. Sales containing fewer than 20 items
  9. Single item type sales that are not from one estate (car auctions, boat auctions, etc)
  10. No "place holder" sales (sales must have an address and basic information specifically about the sale contents in order to be posted; companies listing a sale for a client must have a signed contract for the sale)
  11. No real estate, land, modular/mobile home sales where the contents are not being sold
  12. Cancelled sales or sales that are no longer taking place
  13. Sales that contain retail overstock, returns, shelf pulls, pallet sales, surplus sales, abandoned items, box lots, etc.

Other Sale Policies to Consider