Seven Reasons to Host an Online Estate Sale

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that estate sale companies need alternative ways to conduct their business when situations arise. For the foreseeable future, EstateSales.NET is putting significant resources to give estate sale companies the best online estate sale system for their companies' needs. If you are asking yourself, "why would I need to conduct an estate sale online?" here are seven reasons to consider:

1. Seasons

The seasons significantly affect estate sales around the country. Whether it is too cold or too hot, this can put a damper on in-person estate sales. If you conduct sales where the season and the weather associated with that season significantly affects your turnout, you might want to try an online estate sale. This can give you a revenue boost in a time that you may have usually seen a dip.

2. HOA's/Gated Community:

We have heard from companies repeatedly that a sale can't be conducted due to HOA restrictions. Though you can list the sale as a "By Appointment Only" sale, you might have even better results by taking it online. One of the best parts of incorporating online estate sales into your business is that you get control over the traffic to your sales. You decide when and where items are picked up, or you can even ship and never have to meet the person who is purchasing the item.

3. House limitations:

Is the house located on a wooded blind corner on a one-lane road with a one-car driveway? Is the carpet handmade? Is the floor falling out underneath the house? Nephew currently living in the basement? Estate sale companies face this all of the time, and it makes managing the sale complicated. Many have had to move the items to other venues or make the sale by appointment. If you find yourself in a situation where the limitations put on you by the house do not allow you to do your best work, we would suggest trying an online estate sale.

4. Environmental:

You can control many things at your sale, but sometimes nature is just out to get us. COVID restrictions, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, blizzards, unrelenting heatwaves, etc., are all things out of our control, and they affect companies all around the United States. If you find yourself in a situation where nature is messing up conducting in-person estate sales? Try listing your sale online. There is still demand from buyers for your items. The key is being able to get those items available for them to purchase.

5. High Demand Items:

Some areas of the country like mid-century modern while other regions are after that farmhouse look. The demand for different types of items is not the same throughout the United States. Styles change, Styles evolve. What might be popular in Chicago might not be in LA. Getting your items in front of those that will pay you more for them is a huge benefit of selling online. Of course, this can often mean arranging to ship, but for some items, it may just be worth it to your company.

6. Reach More People:

One of the significant benefits of selling online and shipping those items is that you are going from just accessing customers in your local area to accessing customers throughout the United States. This can be major for your business and the earned profit for you and your client. Obviously, not all items can be shipped, but don’t overlook the benefits you could gain. We recently talked to Vincent Olivaries about shipping items. He gives excellent insights into the process he uses for his company.

7. Low volume, high (profit, margins) sales:

Have you ever had a sale where there were high-value items but not enough items to warrant a full-blown estate sale? Maybe you have multiple estates like this? Online estate sales can help you with this situation. Not only can you possibly service more than one estate at a time (you control pickup and shipping options), you can also turn what would have been no sale into profit for you and your client.

If you have any questions about listing estate sales online or anything else, reach out to us at support@EstateSales.NET! We are more than happy to help!

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