EstateSales.NET Remote Team

Get the most out of online selling

There are two ways to sell online on EstateSales.NET: Marketplace and Online Estate Sales. Both methods have many advantages that can benefit your business. Our customer support team is here to help you get started, so you can get the most out of the platform you choose. Unsure which method is right for you? Let us help you determine which online sale type works best for your company. We are here to help.

Online sales on EstateSales.NET allow you to continue hosting sales
If conducting estate sales in-person is not an option, selling items online is a great alternative so that you can continue hosting sales.
Improvements are constantly being made
Our team wants your online selling experience to be a seamless transition from in-person sales. We are always listening to your comments and feedback to get you the features you request
Easily track your orders and revenue
Keep track of your orders every step of the way and receive a revenue report for each Marketplace sale.
Reduced rate for Marketplace sales
We understand this is a hard time to make changes to your business. In response, a discount on Marketplace fees is available for estate sale companies.
Marketplace vs. Online Estate Sale
What’s the difference between selling on the Marketplace or hosting an Online Estate Sale? With Marketplace sales, the entire sale from listing the item to collecting payment is managed through the site using automated systems. Online estate sales are entirely self-managed. Your company will handle every part of the sale, from listing the sale, corresponding with customers, coordinating shipping/pick-up details, and collecting payment.
Learn how other companies have succeeded with selling online
Vincent Olivares, Rust Belt Revival
Vincent began his career in estate sales in 2012. He currently co-owns and manages Not Your Mother’s Estate Sale, an online estate liquidator in Cleveland, Ohio. His team also operates Rust Belt Revival, an online auction marketplace that serves buyers and sellers across Northeast Ohio. Vincent trains, guides, and supports others in being successful in online liquidations.
Sara Anderson, The Pickin Chicks
Sarah was drawn to the industry eight years ago when she started picking antiques and repurposing furniture. Soon this love turned into her starting her own estate sale company. Sarah loves her clients and customers and strives for excellent customer service and client satisfaction
Technology to help you thrive
Use technology to your advantage by trying our online selling platforms. When in-person sales aren’t an option, online selling is a great alternative to keep your customers and clients engaged and happy. Our customer support team can guide you to the online selling method that’s right for you and your clients. Give us a call to explore your options today.
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