What to Post on Facebook: 11 Content Ideas for Your Company

Facebook is a great platform to get to know your audience better. Finding fresh content each week can seem like a daunting task—especially if your company uses other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Each social platform has its own audience and should be treated as separate pages. Instead of sharing the same photos to each platform, switch things up by posting some of the content ideas below.

1. Blogs

Share blogs relevant to the estate sale industry that will help your followers with things like cleaning brass, repurposing picture frames, and shopping estate sales. If you have your own blog, Facebook is a great space to share those links.

**2. Pose Questions**

Strike up a conversation with your followers by asking them questions. Asking questions about nostalgic time periods is always a big hit. It’s best to stay away from political or controversial topics. Keep questions light and fun. Give your audience a break from the heavier subjects and a reason to laugh and reminisce. Canva is a great tool to help create question photos like the one below.

3. Highlight items from upcoming sales

As an estate sale company, great content is always surrounding you—estate sale finds! Pull out a few special items and stage them as you prepare for your sale. Post popular and trending items in your area that will get your followers excited about your next sale.

4. Sale links

As soon as your ad is created on EstateSales.NET, share it with your Facebook business page! Share a few extra details in the description that they won’t find in your sale’s description.

5. Behind the scenes

Tease your followers with behind the scenes photos. Keep them intrigued about your upcoming sale by sharing your progress and the treasures you’ve uncovered.

6. DIY Projects

Share DIY projects that would be helpful for your customers and followers. Seeing the potential behind items that are rough around the edges or are no longer in-style can be difficult for some. Show the transformation those items can make and inspire your audience to find those pieces at your estate sales.

7. Fun Facts

Estate sales are notorious for housing tons of vintage goodies. Tell the story behind some of the vintage items in your sales by sharing the history of the item or fun facts about them.

8. Estate sale finds from customers

Ask shoppers to share photos of their finds on social media and to tag your company in the post. You can then share their finds on your business page with your followers. It shows your customers how much you care, and it can inspire new buyers to attend your sales so they can find their own treasures.

9. Create a poll

Creating a poll is a great way to engage with your audience and learn more about their interests, likes, and dislikes. Create a poll about which Pyrex pattern your audience would choose, if your followers prefer new or secondhand, the list goes on. Have fun with it!

10. Celebrate holidays

Share a simple photo for holidays to tell your customers Merry Christmas, etc.

11. Support other local businesses

Show your support for other local businesses in your area! The favor may be returned, but it also reminds your audience that you’re a small business—and that shopping small is great for their local community!

These content ideas are a great start to increasing interactions with your audience. It’s important to keep your followers engaged because the more followers that interact with your posts, the more likely your content will appear in their newsfeed. When your followers comment on and share your posts, their friends will also see your content. This, in turn, increases the exposure of your content and your company. Win-win!

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