How Does the “Hire a Company” Process Work on EstateSales.NET?

You can send a free sale request to Estate Sale Companies in your area!

When you’re ready to take the plunge and start looking for the estate sale company that’s right for you, we’re here to help. Instead of making call after call to area companies, EstateSales.NET can bring them directly to you.

By providing us with just a little information about your situation, we can connect you to local estate sale companies who are interested in working with you. Submit a Local Sales Request on EstateSales.NET, or call us at (855) 956-1651 and talk to an actual person who will help you through the process.

Once your request has been approved, your information will be shared with local companies who will get in touch with you. (You can dictate whether they respond to you by phone or email.)

As you are contacted, take the opportunity to ask questions and, if you’d like, set up meetings to get the ball rolling on your sale. Here are some tips to consider when hiring an estate sale company, including some questions to ask.

But brace yourself: depending on your location and the time of day you fill out the form, the response could be abundant and almost immediate. We don’t send your information out to every local company at once, rather it’s sent in batches. So when you feel you’ve set enough meetings with potential companies, you can pause your request, and we won’t disseminate your information any further. (Though you may continue to be contacted for a bit by those who have already received your information.)

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If, after you’ve met with a company or two, want to unpause your request, you can do so in your account, and we’ll pick up where we left off.

In your account, you can see which companies have been contacted with your information.

You can also add additional information, like photographs, at any time during the process. This will give companies a better idea of whether they can help you or not, before they reach out to you directly.

Once you have selected a company, let us know in your account by looking at the list of companies we contacted, and indicating which one you’ve chosen. This will close your request, and the calls will slow to an eventual stop.

Just give us a call to get started at (855) 956-1651!



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