What To Do When You Need An Estate Sale

So, you’ve decided you need an estate sale.

It was a hard decision, and your life is about to get so much simpler and uncluttered.

But the first order of business is to find an estate sale company—and we’re here to help with that. With just a few basic details, EstateSales.NET can put you in touch with estate sale companies in your area, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can complete our Sale Request Form, or simply give us a call at (855) 956-1651, where you can talk to a real person who will be happy to get you connected with nearby companies.

Getting ready

Ultimately, you’ll be inviting these estate sale companies onto your property, where they will assess the value of the items to determine what kind of sale to hold.

You might be itching to start purging unwanted items early. Resist. Do not throw anything away in advance of the meeting. You might think something has no value, but you’ll be surprised what interests shoppers. And small prices on small items (or “smalls” as they’re called in the biz) add up.

If there are items in the home that you intend to keep, be aware of them. When you meet with an estate sale representative, they will want to evaluate the items you plan to sell, to get an idea of whether the sale will be profitable both for themselves and for you. If you have just a few things to sell, you might be better off selling the items yourself, rather than hiring outside help. If you’re liquidating a loved one’s estate and you expect family to come over in the following week and take items they feel connected to, wait to start the estate sale process. Once a contract is signed and the sale items are agreed upon, there is the expectation that no items will be removed. If they are, the estate sale company will consider it “sold” and take their commission on the item.

So once the sale items are agreed upon, they need to stay that way. If you’re not sure of something, let the companies know on the front end so it can be included in the contract.


Plan to speak with multiple estate sale companies. You might find one suits your needs better than another. If you don’t have a good rapport with the first company you interview, move on. This is likely a very personal process for you. The people you hire will be on your property, putting price tags on your belongings, and overseeing the sale for multiple days, while you’re away. It’s important that you feel comfortable with and confident in this company. Besides, estate sales can be a very emotional time for a client, depending on their reasons for the sale. (That’s one of the reasons it’s often in the contract that clients remain off the property during the sale.) You should choose someone who understands your needs and concerns, and can be empathetic.

Keep in mind that each company will have different commission rates and clean-up fees. Don’t simply go with the company with the lowest commission rate—consider whether they’ll be making up the difference through other fees not charged by other companies. You still might find them to be the best choice for you, but don’t discount others on this one criterion.

Making a Decision

Choosing the right estate sale company for your situation may take some time. Here are some tips to help make the process easier, including a list of questions to ask at every interview. The main goals of any estate sale company is to bring customers in, and bring in the most money for your items. Find out how each company achieves this goal, and trust your gut when it comes to making a final decision.

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