When do you need an estate sale?

Estate sales allow people to move: out, up, on, and past. They’re filled with the things someone needed to leave behind to make that happen—items that shoppers are happy to have for their own, where they will be appreciated as much as they were the first time around, if not more.

There are myriad reasons why a person would choose to hold an estate sale, and almost all can be categorized under “You can’t take it with you.”

So let’s talk about them.


This is certainly the prevailing reason for holding an estate sale. It makes sense. When a loved one passes away, surviving family is left to figure out what to do with all their belongings. And if there’s real estate involved, it must be emptied before the house can be sold or reinhabited. Estate sales are the perfect option for this. The company will come in and stage the entire sale for you, and clean out the property at the end of the sale.


Whether you’re going across town, the country, or the globe, you may not want to lug all of your belongings with you. Maybe your current furniture won’t fit with your new home’s aesthetic. Or maybe you just want a fresh start. Hiring an estate sale company to re-home the excess is an easy way to clear out your home of items you can’t take with you.


Have you ever looked around your house and thought “I have too much stuff”? Or maybe you have a loved one who wants to move out of their house, with all the maintenance and upkeep that comes with it, into a retirement community. Or maybe you have a hoarding situation on your hands, and you need outside help to remove the clutter.

Your things served you well, and just because you no longer have room for them, doesn’t mean they won’t be useful to someone else. Estate sale companies can help make that connection.


Sometimes a person gets in over their head and finds themselves in debt, and in need of liquidating some of their belongings in order to get their head above water. It happens. Estate sale companies come in all shapes, sizes, and price-points. They can help if you’re looking to empty out an entire house, or just a selection of items.


Like debt, sometimes divorce happens, even to people with the best of intentions. Cutting your losses and starting fresh is often the best option, and estate sales are a great way to do this. You can easily find a sympathetic company who will work quickly and tactfully to make this part of the process as painless as possible.

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